Here at Burning Tree we are looking forward to attending this year’s RSA Conference 2018. Taking place between 16 – 20 April in San Francisco, California; the RSA Conference is a highly anticipated event that we have found extremely valuable in the past.

It’s common knowledge that information and cyber security never sleeps, we face more threats now than ever before with cyber criminals becoming smarter and more sophisticated, moving further away from their origins as hackers and amateurs, instead running highly professional operations that exploit the vulnerabilities of governments, corporates, organisations and individuals. The information security industry needs to stay more than one step ahead nowadays, which is why the RSA Conference is such a valuable chance for professionals to meet, collaborate, and talk about the latest threats, innovations and ideas.

Agenda and Speakers

This year’s conference offers a packed agenda consisting of training tutorials, seminars, keynote speeches, sessions and forums. As information security experts, we are looking forward to catching up with our partners in the industry as well as meeting new professionals and vendors in the sector. The RSA Conference provides the perfect opportunity to talk theory and strategy with those that do similar and complementary work and our goals are always to gain more knowledge and expertise for our clients and everyone we work with.

There are talks on a wide range of topics, from Analytics, Intelligence & Response to Cloud Security & Virtualization, Cryptography, Risk & Compliance, Law, Privacy, and numerous other useful subjects. We are eager to attend as many talks as possible across the four days to gain as much insight as we can from other experts in the industry. With a constantly changing landscape in information and cyber security, this event provides an ideal platform to share new knowledge which will prove useful for our own information security services.

RSA Conferences always attract a high calibre of speaker, and this year is no different. On the agenda is a visit by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, as a keynote guest. Other speakers include the President of Microsoft, CEO of Juniper Networks and McAfee, and several senior vice presidents of security at IBM, Cisco, and dozens of cyber experts, professors and practitioners in this sector.

Long-term benefits

Hundreds of companies are exhibiting, showcasing new products, services, and cyber defence techniques, which will give us a great chance to gather new knowledge and see what else we can be doing to protect clients from a rising tide of cyber threats.

Even after the conference has ended, we keep up-to-date with this community, partly thanks to the steady stream of articles, videos, newsletters and webcasts RSA sends out to attendees and members.

To those associates we work with in other organisations, we would highly recommend that you take the opportunity to attend RSA if you get it. In our opinion it really is the best global conference for information security professionals.

If you are attending the RSA Conference USA 2018 next month – 16 to 20 April – and would like to schedule a meeting with the Burning Tree team, please get in touch.