How effective are you at managing digital security? Can you be sure your data, networks and systems are secure? Are you taking advantage of connected technologies such as the Cloud to protect your business?

With the number of data breaches rising and cyber threats becoming more sophisticated, it is vital to secure business systems. At Burning Tree, we help keep your valuable or sensitive data safe – putting in place effective processes and technology controls to protect your services, supply chain and revenue.

Our Consultancy Services provide you with a strategic approach to digital security; one where we map out and prioritise actions against your objectives, compliance requirements, commercial risks and vulnerabilities. This approach follows a mature framework which addresses your cyber security needs and embraces the latest in disruptive technologies to ensure your business is protected.

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Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is critical when it comes to ensuring the right people have access to the right information, for the right reasons. This relies on an ability to align the design, architecture and delivery of core identity services to wider security, risk and audit management processes…

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Security Transformation

Migrating business applications and systems to digital solutions such as the Cloud can create a range of complex security issues – so many organisations are understandably nervous about making the move. But digital transformation is driving innovation across all industries, helping organisations become more agile, competitive and efficient…

Security Improvement

Adhering to the growing and ever-evolving number of legal and regulatory compliance requirements can be overwhelming for any business. But for those without a full-time Security Officer, aligning information security policies and procedures with new requirements can be especially challenging…

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