Over the last few years there has been growing acceptance of the need for digital transformation. Yet, the term digital transformation covers many different ideas and technologies dependent on your perspective. From the adoption of digital photography, printing and camera technology that saw the traditional film and camera businesses drop by the wayside, to the rapid emergence of the internet of things that underpins smart metering, connected cars and the foundational infrastructure for many of the consumer services delivered that power modern life.

For Burning Tree our focus and interest is in investigating the enterprise value that can be gained by leveraging the rapid and inventive adoption of cloud, DevOps, containerisation and virtualisation technologies (to name a few); how they can positively impact and accelerate the transformation of core business activities, processes, competencies and models, while also ensuring that the key tenets of good governance and security are maintained. This can be a difficult balancing act.

The huge value in simplification of service delivery, reduced infrastructure costs and radically reduced time to market are massively compelling and almost every client we work with is undertaking or building a digital transformation strategy in some form or other.

While we all hate the idea that the security team is the group that always says ‘no’, it does fall to us to look at how this very exciting and potentially game changing technology impacts on security and corporate risk. The area that is currently of particular interest to us is how next generation Identity and Access Management (IAM) is achieved in this brave new world.

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