Next month is the annual RSA Conference in San Francisco. Like many UK and European based organisations, we attend the RSA Conference event (#RSAC) every year. The RSA show is of huge value to us, we get to catch up with old friends, make new contacts, uncover new opportunities and tap into the latest technology and cyber security trends. This is essential in ensuring we stay informed and at the forefront of emerging market and technology trends.

#1: Networking

In common with most RSA delegates, and top of the list of reasons to attend, is the chance to network with industry specialists, colleagues, peers, partners and old friends. This provides the greatest benefit for us as it is a great opportunity to explore new propositions, building new partnerships and spark ideas that we hope will be of great value to our existing clients and partners. In previous years we have forged new global relationships with key partners, we have reignited old friendships and created new ones, as well as having the opportunity to find out what old colleagues are doing now.

#2: Trends In Information Security

The RSA Conference is the primary place for vendors and suppliers to release their latest developments, innovation and analysis to the market. This comes in a variety of forms: from the key topics and tracks being explored including seminars, tutorials and training sessions, to product launches, innovation expos as well as the informal exchange of information that happens when everyone is all together in one place.

Our focus on Identity and Access Management (IAM) means that the following tracks are of particular interest:

Deconstructing Identity Analytics For Higher Risk Awareness With Jackson Shaw: Identity analytics has emerged in recent years as a key pillar of IAM. Real time visibility into the effectiveness of core Identity Management policies and practices is increasingly crucial in modern deployments. Burning Tree enjoys a great partnership with One Identity and Jackson has a deep heritage in Identity Management. He always has an interesting perspective on Identity challenges and emerging IAM solutions and this session will be no different.

The Blockchain Identity Crisis With Uri Rivner: The saga continues… it will be interesting to understand how speakers and delegates believe Blockchain is evolving. Uri Rivner, Head of Cyber Strategy at BioCatch, will be posing – and perhaps answering – the question, ‘How can a system built on trust work when you don’t trust anyone?’

Designing A New Consent Strategy For Digital Transformation With Eve Malor: Digital Transformation has been one of the primary drivers behind the work we at Burning Tree do for our customers. It will be interesting to see what ForgeRock have to say about it and whether ‘consent tech’ fits into the equation.

#3: New Technology

New technology offerings, and more importantly, understanding the threats, risks and issues each solution is addressing are really important to us. This helps us to think through how the emerging market trends will impact our clients and how new, innovative technology can help to generate different approaches to addressing new threats and issues.

From the mega vendors, through large security specialists, to the smallest incubator companies, all will be exhibiting, sharing and telling the world about how their solutions will solve an old problem in a new way or a completely new challenge that no one has really considered yet. This is really exciting for us.

One of the first places we will head to is the ‘Early Stage Expo.’ This is a space reserved for startups bringing new products to market. We love this area as it gives us the chance to talk directly to the inventors and innovators, be challenged in our thinking, and occasionally, see something that is really going to change the market.

If you are also attending the RSA Conference USA 2017 next month – 13th – 17th February – and would like to schedule a meeting with myself or another member of the Burning Tree team, please get in touch.