Project Description

Neuvector Cybersecurity

NeuVector is the leader in Kubernetes security and delivers the first and only multi-vector container Firewall. NeuVector enables the confident deployment of enterprise-wide container strategies, across multi-cloud and on-premise environments. NeuVector also delivers east-west container traffic visibility, container protection and host security in a highly integrated, automated security solution. NeuVector customers include global leaders in financial services, healthcare and publishing. Some of its partners include AWS, Docker, IBM, Rancher, and Red Hat. Founded by industry veterans from Fortinet, VMware and Trend Micro, NeuVector has developed patent-pending behavioural learning for container security.

Burning Tree understands that DevOps is a key enabler for the delivery of modern digital services and as such, we provide advanced Consulting Services for those new to or wanting to take maximum advantage of this exciting approach to technology deployment. We are both a Reseller and Distributor for NeuVector in Europe as well as a Consulting Partner. To find out more please contact