New business technology presents several exciting capabilities for organisations. However, it is vital to keep one thing in mind throughout the digitisation process: security.

With more and more people doing business online, relying on computers and networks to make transactions on the go, it can be easy to grow complacent with cyber security. However, with the ever-increasing risk (and cost) of a breach, it is crucial to reinforce your IT defences — particularly when it comes to Identity and Access Management (IAM).

Burning Tree works with technology and consulting partners — such as market-leading identity security provider One Identity — to deliver efficient and cost-effective security solutions that suit the evolving technological needs of every company.

Ensuring compliance, security and productivity with IAM

You may assume that protection against hackers and cyber criminals is part of the deal when you adopt new business technology.

Unfortunately, this is rarely the case, and without the appropriate security measures, new software and systems designed to make your life easier can invite unwanted attention. With vast volumes of valuable company data and private information shared between different devices daily, you must ensure your access management solutions are up to scratch.

In the context of cyber security, access management refers to identifying, authenticating, authorising and auditing the access privileges of any user or ‘digital identity’ requesting entry to cloud-based applications and IT systems.

IAM is a framework of business policies and technologies designed to automate these processes, enabling only the right individuals, devices and software to access what they need when they need it. Identity management databases hold information about every identity in a network, and access management systems use this identifying information to determine access rights.

There are several reasons why a business should implement a robust IAM policy. For starters, security is essential for regulatory compliance — especially regarding data protection. The UK General Data Protection Regulation (GRPR) and the Data Protection Act (DPA) require every organisation that deals with personally identifiable information (PII) to ensure appropriate protections are in place to prevent data loss, theft or damage. Failure to do so can result in hefty fines — and damage your brand’s reputation.

Plus, effective IAM improves employee productivity. By removing complex sign-in procedures and automatically providing the correct level of access for specific groups or roles to perform their duties, day-to-day operations become more streamlined, reducing the workload for your IT teams.

Enhancing identity governance with One Identity

A refined IAM framework is the backbone of any successful digital transformation. As such, we work with technology partners like One Identity to provide solutions, products and services that help customers strengthen their cyber security posture.

One Identity is an independent brand operating under the umbrella of Quest: a platform that has provided software solutions for the constantly evolving world of enterprise IT since 1987.

A recent One Identity survey found that most large enterprises manage over 25 silos of access-permissions data. As more companies move traditional work practices to the cloud and hybrid workers require remote access, centralising identity management is crucial.

With an integrated, modular set of solutions that deliver unparalleled visibility, control and protection, One Identity offers an alternative to fragmented identity security policies.

It delivers maximum flexibility to its customers by integrating existing IT landscapes and security ecosystems, enabling organisations to shift to a holistic IAM approach as the volume of user identities increases.

One Identity works with various industries — including financial services, government, higher education, healthcare and retail — to secure organisations, drive operational efficiencies, enable compliance and auditing, enhance log management and support digital transformations.

Our partner was named a leader in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Privileged Access Management, and the Unified Identity Security Platform has received broad industry recognition for its best-in-class software. So, if you are looking for identity governance, access management and privileged account management solutions to address real-world IAM challenges, enquire about our work with One Identity today.

Burning Tree provides advanced consulting services, account management, sales and business development for One Identity and its UK clients and partners. To learn more about our One Identity services, contact our IAM consultants at