We’re just back from San Francisco for the annual RSA Conference which, once again, was a great event and opportunity to ‘talk security’ with vendors, partners and peers from across the world. We also got the chance to discover some new partners and to have some great discussions with our existing ones, such as CyGlass, aapi, Fidelis and SecurityScorecard.

The RSA conference is all about bringing cybersecurity professionals together and aims to provide valuable content from some of the industry’s most forward-thinking leaders. As well as the chance for cyber security professionals to network with others within the sector.

Doing better

Last year, we were left a bit concerned that the event was becoming ‘too big’ (the conference regularly draws over 50,000 attendees) and found the ‘Now Matters’ theme a bit vague. But this year, the ‘Better’ theme was much, well, better and focused on how companies can work harder to find digital solutions that keep the digital world safe. Meaning others can get on with the business of making the world a better one.

The theme posed an interesting question: what defines better when it comes to cyber security? Is it the AI and machine learning technology that helps outsmart cyber criminals? The more advanced algorithms that accurately predict risk? Technology, of course, always has to move forward – that is a huge part of ‘better cyber security’.

But it is also about everyone working together – from the C suite to those on the front lines – to stay on top of the latest threats, put in the hours and to make security a top priority. And most importantly, to help create a secure world for a better future. This is exactly what we’re about at Burning Tree. We always have cyber security at the forefront of our minds and work together with our partners and clients to design a trusted future.

Innovative solutions

We love new, interesting and highly-innovative information security solutions; so a big part of us attending the conference is also seeing the latest advancements on offer. As well as hearing engaging talks from experts about how companies are implementing these solutions to improve cyber security.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, AI and machine learning were big topics. One session looked at how organisations can use AI algorithms and machine learning to identify and fend off advanced attacks – using an intelligent approach to beating global cyber security threats. While another discussed the emergence of robots and connected devices as a new attack surface; one which is exponentially greater than what we protect today. In fact, the weaponization of AI to amplify the impact of cyber-attacks was widely discussed and certainly made us stop and think.

More general talks around the future state of cybersecurity were also hugely valuable. One seminar looked at more imminent emerging threats – from cryptojacking and ransomware to social engineering and IoT attacks. While another looked further ahead to understand what the firewall of 2028 will look like and how to adapt threat modelling to accommodate the changing landscape.

We’re all about trust at Burning Tree, so the keynote talk about the trust landscape really struck a chord with us too. Particularly as we are now living in a hyperconnected world where malicious activity can be spread instantly, eroding trust in a matter of seconds. And finally, one of the most enlightening seminars of the week was all about human behaviour and how it makes cyber security so inherently difficult – and examining the emerging threats and challenges that surface as humans adopt new technology.

Overall, the event proved to be a very engaging and valuable week for Burning Tree – and we’re excited to attend again next year to see how the cyber security world continues to evolve.

If you would like to find out more about our time at this year’s RSA Conference or to learn about our cyber security services and how we can help protect your business, please contact us today.