There is no doubt that IT Security has evolved over the last few years, but has it improved? Is it even possible to prevent cyber attacks from occurring? Or are data breaches inevitable?

IT Security is a constant battle, which is just as much about managing the subsequent fallout as having the right preventative methods in place!

New technologies, evolving threats

Recently, the IT sector has seen significant movement in the direction of the Cloud, driven by a desire to reduce costs, strengthen security and improve agility in the age of remote working. Migrating to the Cloud also provides businesses with the opportunity to take advantage of new architecture patterns and to re-engineer legacy services to make them more efficient and secure.

While there are many benefits of using the Cloud, it also brings increased risk when the pressure to migrate sees businesses rush to ‘lift and shift’ existing on-premise services to the Cloud with little or no re-engineering – leaving them vulnerable to attack. This is why it is vital for companies to seek the help of expert security specialists who can ensure the correct processes have been put in place to move systems and services securely.

As IT technologies such as the Cloud become more sophisticated, cyber criminals are constantly adapting their methods to match. Although it may seem like data breaches are inevitable, this arguably depends on whether or not your business is in the crosshairs of the ‘bad guys’. High-profile organisations or political parties will be a more appealing target for cyber criminals than little-known local charities or independent businesses.

Never trust, always verify

One thing is clear: as the world shifts increasingly to digital ways of working, cyber criminals won’t stop. IT Security will be as much, if not more, of an issue in the future as it is today. Every year, thousands of businesses lose billions due to data breaches and face potentially irreparable damage to their reputation. This is unlikely to change anytime soon but the chances of experiencing a breach are much slimmer if the correct software and processes are implemented.

As a result, organisations are increasingly moving to a zero-trust model, tapping into new tools and executive buy-in to improve their practices and security posture. This ‘never trust, always verify’ approach assumes those inside a corporate network are just as untrustworthy as those outside it – helping to keep businesses secure even as the safety perimeter continues to shift.

No matter what industry you are in, a comprehensive IT Security strategy is, therefore, vital. Burning Tree pairs expert Consulting Services with innovative Technology to identify problems and provide tailored solutions to help keep your business safe now and in the future – in line with evolving applications and growing threats.