Regardless of size or offering, every business has a set of core responsibilities. 

A company’s first obligation is to ensure it delivers on promises to clients, customers and partners, providing the appropriate services and solutions to meet their needs and fulfil agreements. Secondly, every business has a duty to care for its staff and create safe, healthy and inclusive workspaces for all. 

And finally, each organisation has a series of corporate social responsibilities (CSRs) that should guide all its activities. From philanthropy to financial investment, these pillars underpin ethical decision-making and ensure businesses positively contribute to society. 

One of the most crucial elements of CSR today is sustainability. Global businesses account for a massive percentage of polluting carbon emissions, leading many forward-thinking organisations to make environmentally conscious choices and support ‘green’ activities. 

Burning Tree is no exception. We are committed to not only safeguarding businesses from cyber crime but also doing our part for the environment wherever we can. 

That is why we have partnered with the Lowde Fest team to support their sustainability strategy, working together to bring you a music festival that is good for the planet and the soul… 

Championing children’s well-being through music 

If you live in or around Hartley Wintney in Hampshire, we are sure you have heard of Lowde Fest 

This annual event boasts fantastic music, independent market vendors, craft lagers, real ales, great food and even a fun fair for kids — all in aid of the Lowde Music Trust 

The Lowde Music Trust was established in 2011 with a driving philosophy of ‘music for good’. Since then, it has helped thousands of seriously ill and disadvantaged children access music therapy, support services, scholarships, facilities and equipment not usually provided by statutory authorities. 

Lowde Fest is always a great success, attracting a range of emerging and well-known performers. This year, attendees can look forward to a selection of first-class tribute acts coming to the Dome stage, including Little Fix, Katy Perry: The Tribute, Head Full of Coldplay and The Killerz, as well as fan-favourites 29 Fingers and many more.  

For up-and-coming talent, festivalgoers should also check out the Keith Bennet stage. The 2023 lineup includes popular singer-songwriter Connor Adams, the exciting new indie band Silver State and the fabulous Kelly Goodhind. 

Burning Tree has proudly supported Lowde Fest for several years, sponsoring stages and providing resources to help the organisers make every festival an event to remember.  

This year, we have decided to take our contribution one step further — collaborating directly with the Lowde Fest team to make a real difference where it counts: in its sustainability journey. 

Partnering to protect the planet

Festivals are all about connecting with like-minded people in the great outdoors, bringing thousands of families and music lovers together in one space to eat, drink, sleep and enjoy the entertainment on offer. 

And yet unfortunately, festivals have often been renowned for producing a significant amount of waste, with many attendees abandoning rubbish and burning through countless single-use plastic cups and utensils every day. 

Lowde Fest wants to change this. In 2023, the festival is going green by launching a sustainability initiative, planting trees to offset energy use and encouraging guests to consider their consumption. 

The Burning Tree team is also getting involved, supplying recyclable pint and half-pint plastic glasses for the venue’s many bars to reduce the amount of plastic waste at the event. We are also providing a branded Lowde Fest 2023 water bottle that will be available for purchase before the event from the Lowde Fest website and on the day. 

Anyone that buys one of these bottles will be entitled to free water from all the festival’s bars. 

Burning Tree is thrilled to be helping Lowde Fest go green and spread a positive message about protecting the environment.  

With the planet coming closer to potentially catastrophic levels of warming every year, no action is too small to make a difference. So, we encourage other businesses to join us in supporting eco-initiatives in their local communities to create a healthier world for current and future generations. 

Lowde Fest is returning to Hazeley Bottom Farm on Saturday, 1 July 2023. Visit the festival website today to buy your tickets! We look forward to seeing you there…