The 28th November sees the return of the popular Cyber Expo Ireland, welcoming more than 1000 delegates from the world of cyber security. With cyber attacks becoming more prevalent, companies are looking for easy and reliable ways to protect their business; this collection of industry experts, thought leaders, end users and vendors, brings about some new and innovative ways to arm businesses against cyber criminals.

Living in this ‘cyber age’ where we live our entire lives online, the possibility of our personal information being hacked is ever-increasing. It has been said that there are only two types of companies – those who have been hacked and those who don’t yet know they’ve been hacked. This frighteningly accurate statement brings to the forefront how vulnerable anyone is to an online intrusion.

At Burning Tree, we have used our years of expertise to bring a wealth of knowledge in corporate security management, technology, research and consulting organisations to our solutions. With our extensive network and relationship building, we ensure that our clients and partners accelerate on achieving their business objectives. We are always striving to create new ways to help clients and believe we have hit the mark with our new product.

What’s on at Cyber Expo Ireland?

There will be a select group of experts offering advice on everything from managing your identity, to dealing with cyber attacks, a series ‘Cybersecurity Express Talks’ are a great way to gain valuable insight into protecting your business. Burning Tree’s CISO David Lello, hosts the first of these sessions on “Clarity for your Security Assurance Process”, announcing the launch of our new product Asure.

What is Asure?

Our innovative system changes how companies think about risk, by automating the assurance process with an on-line triage tool, providing a 360° view via an interactive on-line dashboard. Its comprehensive reporting can reduce security risks and ultimately decrease costs to a business.

Asure offers peace of mind for business owners regarding the visibility of the risks associated with managing change and can streamline security transformational programmes.

This new system allows your team to manage multiple projects and by automating the correct security assurance process, offers a new way to improve efficiency, risk reduction and consistency of control. We are excited to launch Asure at this respected industry Cyber Expo and look forward to being amongst some great security experts.

If you would like to find out about how Asure can make a difference to your business, please contact us at