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Project Description

iC Consult

iC CONSULT – the international vendor-independent IAM specialists

iC Consult is a leading vendor-independent systems integrator specialized in identity and access management solutions. Headquartered in Oberhaching near Munich, Germany, the company has offices in Essen, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Stuttgart, in close proximity to major customers. The iC Consult Group comprises independent subsidiaries in Switzerland, Austria and UK, and the xdi360 and IAM Worx brands. On October 1 2013, iC Consult Group announced the launch of, iC Consult Americas, an independent subsidiary covering the U.S. market.

The iC Consult Group specializes in working with large organizations, involved in all phases of IAM solutions, from planning, to implementation operations, and data analysis.

In addition to the classic enterprise IAM topics of governance, provisioning, single sign-on and identity federation, the iC Consult Group increasingly provides solutions in the areas of consumer IAM, social media login, mobile login, Internet of Things, customer data management and IAM managed services.