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Project Description

Fidelis Cybersecurity

It all started in 2002… It was a simple idea.

See the data on your network? Then you can stop it.

At the time, the most common threat actors were insiders – employees and partners who had legitimate access to the data they were seeing… and then things changed. Attackers are smart. They evolved. Adversaries multiplied. So did their motives and victims. Preventing data theft is no longer just about data. It’s about stopping the attackers before they get your data.

Fidelis’ mission was (and still is) to protect the world’s most sensitive data. That’s no easy task. To deliver on it we’ve evolved our offering to keep pace with attackers’ tools and tactics. Here are just a few ways:

  • We added Deep Session Inspection
  • We added incident response services
  • We added network analytics
  • We added endpoint detection & response

Fidelis today
Today, our 350+ employees are dedicated to creating a world where attackers have no place to hide. Among our ranks we count individuals who built the world’s first Security Operations center (SOC), former CISOs and team that have built the biggest brands and products in the security industry.

Burning Tree provides advanced consulting services for Fidelis clients designed to help assess and understand the true value that Fidelis technology will bring to the client’s environment. From reduced SOC administration costs to Endpoint and Network threat management consolidation and automation, Burning Tree works hand in glove with Fidelis to ensure that our joint customers gain the full benefit from the combination of Fidelis solutions and Burning Tree Consulting services. To find out more about Burning Tree’s Fidelis services please contact