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InfoSec Architecture

Burning Tree offers a highly advanced, truly business aligned Information Security Architecture Service that delivers security solutions which exceed our clients’ business and technology requirements.

Burning Tree has developed modelling techniques based on AGILE and LEAN methodologies that provide rapid assessment and holistic architecture delivery capabilities. These methodologies provide an adaptive security architecture for protection from advanced threats enabling our clients to spend less on prevention and to invest in detection, response and predictive capabilities.

Our solution is to provide architecture services that provide comprehensive, continuous monitoring at all layers of the IT environment from core infrastructure through to advanced Cloud application delivery.  We are focused on market leading trends ensuring our clients get the best and most up to date advice on security developments and innovation.

By providing a rapid architecture assessment service our architects can work with our clients to understand the immediate and future business needs and then using our Information Security Process Modelling and Improvement service we can map out a reference enterprise information security architecture designed to deliver holistic capabilities prioritised to immediate and future business needs.

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