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Project Description


Privacera are leading disruption and innovation in the data privacy protection and the governance space.

For enterprises, data is the new fuel for growth. Enterprises are increasingly seeking data-driven initiatives to differentiate and provide more value to their customers. There is a movement towards personalization of services, with the use of personal and sensitive data. Sensitive data is moving beyond traditional transactional databases, into big data and cloud based data stores. Personal and sensitive data are under massive attack. Sensitive data is a target for data breaches, enterprises are also faced a regulatory climate with GDPR and other regulations imposing increased penalties for privacy breaches.

Data-centric controls and using data for data analytics is not a zero-sum game. Privacera’s mission is to enable enterprises to do more with their data by proactively discovering and managing data risks.

Burning Tree provides consulting services to organisations tackling the impact of data management, not least surrounding new legislation such as GDPR. Burning Tree is the primary UK/EMEA partner for Privacera and a Reseller of the technology. To find out more please contact