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Project Description

EPG: Enterprise Privacy Group

At the Enterprise Privacy Group we help you to control the issues arising from the management of personal information.

The Enterprise Privacy Group (EPG) is an independent consultancy providing strategic thought leadership in privacy and identity assurance. EPG offers a unique, independent and ethical service for organisations that wish to set the highest possible standards for the handling of personal information.

Our expertise covers:

As one of the UK’s leading voices in the privacy and data protection arena, EPG provides a focal point for the development of Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) and Data Protection Audits, and the resolution of conflicting viewpoints between those organisations that control personal information and the individual stakeholders about whom information is processed.

Identity Assurance
We have a strong track record in the development and implementation of identity and authentication policy, and have worked with the UK government, European Commission, and private companies to facilitate debate, develop innovative policy solutions, and raise awareness of the implications of population-scale identity schemes.