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Join us, Cyglass, NeuVector and Fujitsu to find out about leading edge tech and how to keep it secure.

As fast as technology advances to our benefit, so do the threats designed to exploit it. We’re seeing many new technologies right now, all underpinned by new legislation and regulations to make our lives easier and more secure. Blockchain, Biometrics, Cryptography etc. delivered in hand-held devices are just some examples we would have classed as science-fiction only ten years ago. While these technologies make our lives easier, they also create a new landscape for malicious exploitation. The security tools we’ve relied on for years cannot keep up, so we need a new approach.

At our next Breakfast Briefing on board the HQS Wellington on 2nd May, we’ll hear from our partners Cyglass, NeuVector and Fujitsu about what they’re doing to ensure we keep ahead of the security arms race.